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1889 - laying the foundation
In the beginning
The building itself was supposed to serve as a pavilion for the glamorous Paris Exhibition of 1890. Sadly, it was never finished on time for the exhibition and was repurposed to serve as a restaurant for the Bucharest elite. Opening in 1892, the restaurant soon became one of the most popular restaurants of its time.
1892 - in vino veritas
The street tavern
The architect Ion Mincu named it The Street Tavern (rom. “Bufetul la Sosea”) due to its close proximity to the main street. Mincu drew strong influences from the local breweries and vineyards and etched some of the more popular brand names on the side of the building. Names like Berbeci, Panciu, Cotnari, Odobesti etc. are still visible to this date.
2003 - a place outside of time
Casa Doina
In 2003 The Street Tavern takes on a new identity - Casa Doina - but keeps all of its old habits. While a few modern ammenities have been added, you still feel like you are walking into another place in time, after a long carriage trip you lay down your top hat and stop for a refreshing drink or for a late supper.